endless possibilities


Tailor made Itineraries fine tuned to the individual needs of each traveller, paying attention to the little things and details that matter and make the journey an experience, utilizing decades of travel agents knowledge combined with latest technology, first class vehicles, unique experiences, enthusiastic staff and guides is what we call SERVICE.

Authentic travel

Unique Experiences

We offer authentic treasures for those looking to have an intensive travel experience exploring the beauty, characteristics and adventures in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. What about a closer insight into the German culture during a Bavarian Brotzeit dinner together with locals, a unique perspective on board the famous Zeppelin flight over the crystal clear waters of Lake Constance and the spectacular Alps, a slide down the ice channel in a breathtaking ride with a race bob or to get a glimpse behind the scenes in a traditional “Lederhosen” manufactory? We are always looking for new ideas to create exclusive and off-the-beaten-track journeys.

endless possibilities

Luxury Transportation

A grand selection of exclusive vehicles await you – what about exploring the rolling hills of Southern German with a lordly Porsche? We offer all kind of noble cars with trusted-drivers or as Self-Drive, helicopter scenic flights, private jets, luxury trains…

it´s All about you

Special Services

We take care of your clients the very moment they leave the plane! If you wish, we organize VIP Airport Service, Tour Photographer, Shopping Advisor/Assistant or Security Guards for your customers and celebrities!

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